Here at ETP we offer independent, personal and experienced property advice and would be interested to talk to you about your ideas.



Discover the real value of your property or portfolio

Our Clients include lenders, pension fund managers, private individuals, estates managers and businesses, who rely on us as their local experts in the regions in which we work. We can draw upon the latest market data and our extensive local market knowledge to ensure the quality and content of our reports is of the highest standard, whilst being clear, concise, and written in plain English. We help our Clients make informed decisions and minimise risk, enabling them to make the best possible business decisions, based on a holistic understanding of the market factors that drive value.

We are also able to provide Valuations for pension fund, taxation, accounting, and negotiation purposes. Whether you are looking to raise finance, re-gear, or simply utilise your asset more efficiently, we can help.



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Helping you to maximise your investment

We advise Landlords on a wide range of property matters, to include rent review negotiations, dealing with the impact of break clauses, and the lease renewal process.

Our Clients range from private landlords to large corporates, and we can draw on our experience of valuation, negotiation and dispute resolution, in order that we can provide you with the strategic advice that you need to identify opportunities for value growth and negotiating terms that maximise your investment potential.



Make your property an asset, not a cost

A lease may only be 5-10 years in length, but how you manage it can affect the value and overall performance of your business. We have a wealth of expertise negotiating rent reviews, lease renewals and re-gears to make your property work for you.

Let us do what we do best, so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business.



From the ground up, we can help you


We can assist with all aspects of property development, from site acquisition to disposal of the completed product. Work with our experienced team, who can advise you on a wide range of development related matters. The chances are that we have seen it before, and can draw on our wealth of knowledge to make sure the process is as smooth as it can be.


Whether the project you are considering is a commercial, residential, or mixed use scheme, we are able to advise on the viability of the various options available to you. We use the latest development appraisal software packages that can quickly and easily adapt, change, and refine inputs in order to identify the potential to maximise value. We can also provide viability appraisals for affordable housing negotiations.


Allow us to get involved early on and we can steer you through the valuation process, highlighting the common pitfalls that can hold up finance later on and dealing with them early on to minimise risk of undue delay or unexpected costs. When ready, we can work with your chosen lender to ensure there are no delays and any valuation/legal queries are dealt with expediently with our established knowledge of your development.


Pre-lets, lettings, sales, turnkey projects, they all have a place. Meet with us early on and we will advise which is best situated to your project. Our agency team are always available to get involved and will ensure we maximise the value and exit strategy of your completed project.



We stand out from the crowd

We deal with the sales and lettings of all types of commercial property, as well as the acquisition of business space on a freehold or leasehold basis.

Our bespoke marketing particulars, distinctive board design, user friendly website and use of online advertising portals will maximise your property’s exposure, and our extensive market knowledge ensures you will receive the right advice, not just what we think you want to hear.



To find out more about ETP and how we we can help with your property please get in touch.

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